K-Laser partners up with MioGuard


 K-Laser USA is proud to announce that Mio-Guard®, a Salona Global Company specializing in medical devices for the post-operative and recovery market, is a new addition to the K-Laser’s sales network in the USA.


As of May 1, 2022, Mio-Guard distributes K-LASER’s products in the states of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Iowa for the Sports Medicine market. MioGuard ‘s specialty in this market will give K-Laser clients access to a structured organization for sales, training and service, including a team specialized in the distribution of medical products.


Together in this partnership, K-LASER USA and Mio-Guard will:


  • Introduce new cutting-edge technology for both The Cube Plus 30 and K-Laser Cube 4;
  • Commit to provide a training, and service force.
  • Commit to secure a best-in-class sales team.


“Mio-Guard will introduce new customers to our cutting-edge products, and we trust this will be an added value to our clientele.” – K-LASER USA


“We are very excited to work together with K-LASER to distribute these products through Salona Global’s Mio-Guard Sports Medicine.” – Les Cross, Chairman and interim CEO of Salona Global Medical Device Company