K-Laser save turtles.

The area of Management of the Natural Environment and Security of the Council of Tenerife has put into operation at the La Tahonilla Wildlife Recovery Center a clinical device called the K-Laser Cube therapeutic laser, intended for the recovery and treatment of wildlife specimens that arrive at the center with various types of trauma.

“With the acquisition of this device we take another step forward in the clinical provision of the Fauna Recovery Center, which, without a doubt, is at the forefront of facilities of this type throughout the country,” said the councilor Isabel García. And she pointed out: «We have improved and we plan to continue doing so with the Center’s facilities and means». She also stressed that the work carried out in the enclosure, “unknown to many people, is intense and continuous, with its species that suffer accidents, such as turtles but also birds.”

“The results in the first interventions with this device are positive, especially in sea turtles that arrive with limb problems caused by entanglement in nets or plastic,” said Alejandro Suárez, a veterinarian at La Tahonilla. “We have shown that in some cases the recovery of a turtle can be reduced to about 13 days, in injuries that without the laser would have taken much longer,” said the veterinarian.

Cube K-Laser is used in the recovery of certain pathologies and provides an analgesic effect that enables pain control, its anti-inflammatory action helps reduce tissue inflammation and, likewise, favors the regeneration of damaged tissues, both external and internal. “As if that were not enough, its application accelerates the healing of wounds and, in addition, produces an antimicrobial effect,” the Cabildo said in a note.