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The CUBE PERFORMANCE 30 High Power Laser (HPL) raises the bar for veterinary treatment options. This HPL Technology offers a quiet, non-invasive, and safe alternative to medicines: such as pills, injections, and creams that most animals reject.

This lightweight and transportable device is highly intuitive with an interactive screen to serve as a guideline for treatment options, and a smart handpiece sensor that detects the practitioners hand motion. With its distinctive characteristics, CUBE PERFORMANCE 30 offers an ideal solution in post-surgery rehabilitation and in rehabilitative therapy treatments.

The higher power within CUBE PERFORMANCE 30 helps to achieve greater photonic delivery and shortens treatment times. The simultaneous use of multiple wavelengths allows for an optimal absorption on the target chromophores, able to trigger photochemical and photothermal effects aimed at accelerating the tissue healing process and arresting soft tissue and joint pain to stimulate rapid tissue repair.

• 30 W ISP
25 W CW
• NEW smart handpiece
• NEW thicker and even more resistant fiber 
• NEW active distal handpiece: active photonics modulation – APM
• NEW technology: treatment by phases or by effects
• advanced bidirectional cooling system 
• 4 wavelengths for a complete and integrated spectrum of tissue stimulation and deeper penetration
• 1.5 kg – ultra-portable
rechargeable battery: long-lasting, highest quality nano-phosphate battery
• dimensions: 200 x 180 x 190 mm.


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