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CUBE 4 Vet

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K-Laser Cube 4 Vet is the most powerful and compact laser in the world being able to treat a wide range of animal species and specific pathologies for all of them.

The powerful software adapts to K-Laser's Cube Vet dynamic therapies, producing protocols in real time for every type and breed of patient to treat.

This technology is effective, powerful, and equipped with accessories –– making it easy to operate and quick in treatment time. Its practicality and lightness enables the clinician to use it easily in every condition, even outdoors at low or high ambient temperatures.

The quality of K-Laser's Cube Vet technology is not prone to wear and tear, and thanks to the high reliability, it is covered up to a 5-year warranty.

In addition, K-Laser's Cube Vet technology is always updated thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, K-Laser Cube Vet without a doubt, remains the standard of laser technology that has never been achieved by its competition.

  • 20W-ISP
  • 15W-CW
  • 4 wavelengths



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